1. Fiddlin' Dan

From the recording Take Five

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Fiddlin’ Dan - 4:10
P.D. arr Luberecki/Buller (Clement Luberecki Music. BMI/Goodnight Sparky Music, BMI)
Ned Luberecki - banjo
Becky Buller - fiddle, vocal


Fiddlin’ Dan
P.D. arr. by Luberecki/Buller (Clement Luberecki Music, BMI/Goodnight Sparky Music, BMI)

Many years ago in Arkansas
A stranger told this story to my ma
And many is the time she said to me,
“Seems just as true, just as true as can be!”

There was once in the hills quite a music-lovin’ man
Known far and wide as Fiddlin’ Dan
He could play any tune, he could holler any call
With fiddlin’ so true he could play them all

One day as Fiddlin’ Dan went out to play
He spied a grizzly bear standin’ in his way
He couldn’t fly away, he had no gun
Couldn’t climb a tree and he was scared to run

Said the bear with a growl as he shook a mighty paw
“You, Fiddlin’ Dan from Arkansas,
I’ll leave you alone if you play a little tune
To organize a dance in the light of the moon.”

So Danny put his fiddle under his chin
And he drew his bow and the music did begin
From all the country ‘round the critters ran
To join in the dance played by Fiddlin’ Dan

The big black bear brought the little porcupine
The ol’ bobcat, she danced so fine
And they danced through the night, every fiddle, every step
And somewhere in the hills I bet they’re fiddlin’ yet