Noam Pikelny

Ned Luberecki has long been a banjo player I've admired. I first heard him about 25 years ago with the Rarely Herd, and it was so inspiring and impactful to hear him putting his unique stamp on banjo in that context. His playing oozes with personality and character, and this record perfectly encapsulates that. It's 100% Ned, and I, for one, am not afraid! Ned's tunes are a joy to hear and his playing is better than ever. ”

— Noam Pikelny - Banjo player, Punch Brothers

This collection of tunes showcases Ned Luberecki as the first-rate banjoist that he is. With skill, tone, and taste he comfortably transverses styles of bluegrass, jazz, celtic and more making this a seamless and satisfying set of music. Ned Luberecki takes the five string where few have dared to go and he does it with equal parts finesse and grace.”

— Missy Raines, Missy Raines & The New Hip

Missy Raines

Bill Evans

With Take Five, Ned Luberecki offers a full course five-string feast, with savory bluegrass, tasty fiddle tunes, tangy jazz and more. It’s all presented with sumptuous tone, timing that’s just right and a dash of Ned’s irrepressible humor. This is state-of-the-art five-string banjo, cooked up with virtuosity and creativity. Pick up at least one of Take Five but consider buying many more to share with your friends throughout the universe.”

— Bill Evans, Banjo player, instructor

Ned Luberecki is a true ‘master of the five’! This solo recording is a testimony to the incredible breadth of his playing, which I have always admired. Ned has been a member of excellent bands and as a team player has always played what was appropriate both for the song or tune and for the band sound. With this recording, he steps out and displays his command of many banjo styles (Scruggs, melodic, single string, Nedski, etc.) and genres (bluegrass, swing, traditional country, jazz). His song and tune selection (including wonderful originals and even the theme from Star Trek) and support musicians are nothing less than stellar. Take Five belongs in the collection of every serious 5-string banjo player!”

— Greg Cahill, Banjo player, Special Consensus

Greg Cahill

Chris Joslin

Take Five – a great example of a super hero using his special powers for good, not evil. Ned Luberecki is simply a great musician…thank goodness he chose the banjo!”

— Chris Joslin, Executive Director, International Bluegrass Music Museum